Example 6: Consolidation settlement under a rectangular raft

altDescription of the problem

To verify the consolidation settlement calculated by ELPLA, the final consolidation settlement of a clay layer under a rectangular raft calculated by Graig (1978) (Example 7.2, page 186) is compared with that obtained by ELPLA.

A building is supported on a raft 45 [m] × 30 [m] is considered. The contact pressure is assumed to be uniformly distributed and equal to q = 125 [kN/m2]. The soil profile is as shown in Figure 6. The coefficient of volume change for the clay is mv = 0.35 [m/MN].

It is required to determine the final settlement under the center of the raft due to consolidation of the clay.


 Example 6: Consolidation settlement under a rectangular raft

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